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Rigging from the ground up

Ussing is a popular solution for hanging lights and sound equipment at events. It provides a safe, sturdy structure that can support heavy loads and withstand the rigors of live events. A full motorized truss structure, where the truss can be hung with lights and sound equipment while it's on the ground, and then raised up with motors once everything is in place, offers numerous benefits over traditional truss structures.

One of the most significant advantages of a motorized truss structure is its ease of use. With a motorized truss, you don't need to climb up and down ladders or scaffolding to hang your lights and sound equipment. Instead, you can do all the work from the ground, which is not only safer but also more efficient. This means you can set up your event faster and with fewer people, which can save you time and money.

Indoor Trussing
Trussing Prophecy Stage

Our highly adaptable trussing system is designed to be deployed anywhere, enabling you to elevate and secure heavy items with ease. Whether it's for staging, lighting, or audio equipment, our trussing solution provides a reliable and sturdy structure, ensuring your event setup is not just impressive, but also safe. At Dusk2Dawn, we bring professional-grade trussing to your location, transforming any space into a potential stage for unforgettable events.


Motorized Truss Solutions

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