Pk CX800 Double 18" Subwoofer

Prepare for Bass like you have never heard before! 

Our Dual 18 inch sub-woofers give you the best boom for your buck. Pk Sound is quickly becoming one of the industry leaders in high end audio manufacturing.

World Class Events such as: EDC, Shambhala Music Festival and Bass Canyon all have used this powerful subwoofer as the main focus of their sound production.

Even if you aren't hosting a world class event, if you want the best quality audio it's a clear choice to go with PK Sound

We offer services for small events like weddings and corporate gatherings, to concerts and outdoor festivals. Make sure to reserve your PK Sub now! 

PK CX215-90 Loudspeaker

Going along with our CX-800 Subwoofers, the Pk CX-215 Loudspeaker is quickly becoming one of the most widely used loudspeakers for high quality audio

With the 90 Degree cone you can ensure that all points of your room will be filled with the clearest audio quality. These speakers can be used as main speakers as well as center fill

The ingenious design allows for the speaker to be positioned on it's side providing an upwards angle of sound. 

When placed on top of a PK Sub (cx800), up to 3 of these speakers will fit snugly together and create a wall of crystal clear audio that will fill any room size.

If you are looking to impress your audience with crisp and clear audio, the Pk Cx-215 will be the clear choice

Pk Klarity 12 Loudspeaker

The Pk Sound Klarity 12 Loudspeaker is a more mobile version of the CX-215 loudspeaker. This speaker is primarily used for smaller environments or as a high-quality stage monitor

Providing you with full range audio as well as a variety of different frequency options, this speaker will function great on it's own but when paired with the CX-800 and CX-215's it will be a match made in heaven

When placed on it's side, the Pk Klarity 12 will point up on an angle allowing it to be used nicely as a center fill which will take your audio production to the next level

Typical uses for this speaker include:

- Corporate events

- Weddings

- House Parties

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